Weekends and winners!

Here’s a clue: if you walk up to your hotel room and there’s a bowl of melted ice cream outside the door, then…
–either someone’s camped out in your room,
–or your teenager called room service while you were out,
–or you’re at the wrong room.

We were in Kansas City this weekend for a wedding and staying in a hotel. Seeing we’d only been out of the room for 45 minutes to have omelets-made-to-order (and pancakes for the kids!), the first option was not much of a possibility. Since we don’t have a teenager, the 2nd option wasn’t the answer. So as my husband kept sticking the key card into the lock and jiggling the handle, I glanced at the room number. The room number was 510. We were staying in 528. Oops! Have you done anything like that before?

Thankfully, no one came to the door. I hope we didn’t scare anyone. So if you were that person in room 510 wondering what lunatic was trying to break in, please forgive us.

Now, drum roll, please! The winner of the $25 gift card from Amazon.com for mentioning me on her blog is Jennifer Archer! Congrats! Please contact me with your information and I’ll get that to you ASAP. Thanks for everyone participating!

6 thoughts on “Weekends and winners!

  1. Carol

    Congrats, Jennifer! I wish I had a blog! lol

    I once tried to put my key in the wrong car. lol I figured out fast it wasn’t mine. No one saw me! Mistakes like that happen!

    LOL Renee!

    Carol M

  2. Leanna

    Carol! That happened to me once too. I was back in high school. I’d forgotten all about that experience. I was at the cleaners and my hair was in curlers because I was getting ready for a dance competition. I came out of the cleaners and tried to open some other car. Looked just like mine. Except for the McDonald’s sack in the front passenger seat. This was back in the days where you literally had to put a key in the car door! And so there I was when some guy said, “What are you doing?” It was his car.

  3. Carol

    LOL, Leanna! I’m sure he understood. It’s easy enough to make a mistake like that! It seems like there are a lot of the light gold cars today and when I push the button for the trunk to open, I’m always happy to know I have the right car! I still have a hard time finding it in a parking lot! lol

  4. Leanna

    I know what you mean, Carol. I have a white Lexus. Where I live you can’t spit without hitting a white Lexus. So I’m always grateful to find my car in the parking lot.


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