Leanna Ellis, a National Readers’ Choice Award and Golden Heart winner, is a multi-published author. Leanna has keynoted conferences, presented workshops and programs at RWA National, local chapter meetings, devotionals at ACFW National, and presentations at parent organizations. She has also taught writing classes. These are a few workshops you might consider for your group:

Shoot for the Moon

Reading is Leanna’s passion. With a B.S. in education and a specialization in reading, she has experience not only teaching in public school but in teaching her own children to read. She will give tips and suggestions in helping develop great readers in your own home..

Blast off to Writing

Writing is vital to your child’s education and future career. Learn how to help develop your child’s ability and desire to write.

I’m Late … I’m Late …

Time Management Skills for Writers
Being a busy writer and mom who also homeschools, Leanna has learned a few tricks that will help you to better manage your time so you can achieve your dreams.

There’s No Place Like Home … For Working Moms

There’s no place Leanna would rather be than home. But home isn’t always a quiet, solitary place conducive to writing. So how does a homeschooling mom of two active children manage to teach her kids, taxi them to and from activities, cook dinner, take care of four animals, clean house and do all the other busy activities other women face and still manage to write books? Leanna will offer tangible suggestions for busy moms who are seeking a career while managing a home.

The Yellow Brick Road to Publishing

The wonderful world of writing isn’t a weekend outing. It’s a long journey taking you to new and exciting places, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, where you will meet friends along the way, acquire an agent and editor, all the while utilizing your gift. However, you will battle a few enemies along the way. So if you are just starting out or mired along the way, hear what long-time-published writer Leanna Ellis has to say about the Yellow Brick Road of Publication, using the Hero’s Journey not only to plot your story but your career path.

Author Takes a Back Seat

Moving from the ABA to the CBA was a difficult road to travel but worth it. Leanna gives tips and tools for determining if you’re ready for that journey and helping you along the way.

Taking Care of Business

Is writing a career or a hobby for you? Leanna gives you tools and interview questions to determine what you need to work on to make your career a success and get you ready for the next sale.

Me, Myself and I

Moving from 3rd person to 1st person can be challenging. Leanna helps writers to consider the consequences and ways to make the change more successful.

If you are interested in one of these workshops (or would like her to work up a workshop specifically for your group), please contact her here.