Readers and Reviewers

What Readers and Reviewers Have Said:

Plain Fear Series:

Forgiven1“Ellis has done something many readers may not have thought possible. (Plain Fear series) She has used characters and ideas that many in the inspirational community would consider taboo, to show the power of love and of God. Well done!” – Deb’s Bookbag

“A captivating story (Plain Fear: Forgiven) from beginning to the last page! Very intense with compelling, engaging, charismatic characters. A very different storyline than just a vampire story, good vs. evil, it is a story of loss, deception and finding deliverance. A must read!” – My Book Addiction reviews

“This is a story (Plain Fear: Forbidden) that follows a twisted path between good and evil, between revenge and faith. It sucks you in before you know what happened. It’s very well written, and comes straight to the point with no fluff. This is the second book I have read by Leanna Ellis and I am most definitely a fan.” –

“Again, as in many of the author’s books, this one (Plain Fear: Forbidden) tells an entertaining story while at the same time presenting the spiritual battle between good and evil. To see the truth about pure evil, the power of Satan, presented in a dramatic way, read this book. To see the power of God, read this book.” – Harriet Berg

“An emotional packed journey of love, loss, heartbreak, life and death, good and evil, Forbidden is a stellar read!” – Mindingspot

“Ellis creates characters with depth. The story (Plain Fear: Forsaken) keeps you enthralled from page one.” – Shelf Awareness

Women’s Fiction Titles:

Facelift is the perfect chick-lit book for a Saturday afternoon or a lazy day at home.” – San Francisco Christian Fiction Examiner

“Leanna Ellis has once again delivered in fine style, with her sassy humour, quick wit and pithy one-liners. Facelift was everything I expected from this brilliant author, who skillfully weaves lightheartedness with deeper truths to produce a superb work of art.” – Relz Reviewz

“Leanna Ellis has created a fun, smart, mysterious, and quirky novel (Once In a Blue Moon) that just may be my favorite book this year.” – Bookvisions

Ruby’s Slippers reminds us all that reconciliation can help heal family wounds. If you have ever enjoyed the classic The Wizard of Oz, then you’ll have to check this one out!” – Susan Choy Lee, The Reading Mom

“Leanna Ellis is rapidly becoming another of my “must read” authors! I first discovered here in “Elvis Takes A Back Seat“, a fun read with some quirky characters. Then I picked up a copy of “Lookin’ Back, Texas“–and I was hooked! Now, in Ruby’s Slippers, Leanna not only has captured my smile, she has taken my heart captive as well.” – Deena’s Books

“Leanna took me inside the pages of this clever, witty, fun and surprising story (Ruby’s Slippers). I found treasure where I least expected it. God’s healing truth jumped off the page and into my heart.” – Nora St. Laurent

“It’s a modern-day Wizard of Oz with Cinderella undertones. But this is no fairy tale or fantasy, with magical resolutions and guaranteed happy endings. It’s a deeply moving story of hurt and healing, of love and loss, of hope and redemption. Immensely entertaining, it is chock full of wit, grit, humor and heartache. Truly unforgettable, Ruby’s Slippers has the potential to be a classic.” – Delia

“One of my favorite new authors . . . such unique stories.” – Write by Faith (Ruby’s Slippers)

“This is a terrific book. I laughed, I cried, I couldn’t stop reading. Elvis Takes A Back Seat is a delightful journey of discovery.” – Caroline Clemmons

“There are so many books out there and so little time to read them all. This is one story (Elvis Takes a Back Seat) I recommend you take the time to enjoy. I’ve read a lot of stories where people were angry with God for losing a loved one, but Leanna Ellis makes this one feel…real. It’s hard to explain, but if you know someone who is angry and feels far away from God because they can’t seem to let go, this would be a great book to give them to help them work through that. But this story is more than just a glance into someone’s pain, it’s a compelling tale of three women who all have serious issues to deal with. The dialogue is natural and feels so real. The way the author brings these issues to the forefront through the story is incredibly well-done. You can actually learn something about your own heart and your own relationship with God from reading this book. That’s a skill few authors have, and that’s what makes it fabulous Christian fiction in my book. I highly recommend it.” – Michelle

“In a smooth pairing of wit and grit, Leanna Ellis weaves a tale (Lookin’ Back, Texas) of flawed relationships and crippling regrets with wonderfully timed comedic threads. A fresh, clever look at the audacity of love that forgives.” – Susan Meissner, Author of A Fall of Marigolds

“An entertaining tale (Lookin’ Back, Texas), full of rich characters and a deep lesson about healing the past. Leanna Ellis is on my reading list from here on out.” – Rachel Hauck, Author of Sweet Caroline and The Wedding Dress

“A wacky, off-the-wall read (Lookin’ Back, Texas) that’s spiritually right on target!” – Cathy Marie Hake, Author of Forevermore and Fancy Pants

“I loved Elvis Takes a Back Seat. This book is gritty and real and full of hope, faith, and redemption. With Elvis Takes a Back Seat Leanna Ellis raises the level of contemporary faith-filled fiction by showing the struggles that we all face in our own faith journeys. All I can say is “Thank you. Thank you very much, Leanna!” – Lenora Worth, NY Times Best selling author

“Leanna Ellis has a fresh voice that perfectly tells this charming and
heartfelt story of three women recovering from loss and on a journey of
discovery, all in the guise of returning a life-size bust of Elvis to its
rightful owner, if they just knew who it was. Claudia, Ivy, Rae, and Ben
will curl up inside your heart and stay with you long after you’ve put this
book down. I loved this book from the first page to the last.” – Sharon Mignerey, Author

ELVIS TAKES A BACK SEAT is absolutely brilliantly written. Who knew that three women (and one man) could find themselves and each other on such an odd excursion, trying to find the real owner of a huge bust of Elvis? This book has everything a good read should have: some tears, a little witticism, meaningful connections, deeper self knowledge, a few good belly laughs, and hugs.” – Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

“I was floored by the way this book (Elvis Takes a Back Seat) made me feel . . . first-class entertainment.” –

Sweet Romances:

Expecting Santa (Open in Nine Months) is a touching, emotional story, a perfect way to put yourself in the holiday.” – Judy Christenberry, best selling author

“Superb tale (For the Love of Cody) from a gifted writer.” – Lorraine Stephens, Reviewer for Bell, Book and Candle

“Read this warm story with wonderful characters. Leanna knows about cowboys and rodeos and romance. For the Love of Cody reminds us all why so many women fall for cowboys, and so many little boys want to grow up to be one.” – Denise Keller, AOL Reviewer Board

“Leanna offers readers a poignant view (For the Love of Cody) of the many faces of love – the passion between man and woman, as well as the emotional bond between parent and child.” – Pamela B. Cohen, Romantic Times Magazine

“Talented storyteller, Leanna Ellis, sets the sparks flying in Autumn’s Legacy (Lone Star Rancher). Ms. Ellis brings a wonderful intensity to her engaging characters that makes this love story special.” (4 stars) – Romantic Times Magazine.

“Ms. Ellis features engaging characters in a heartwarming love story (Christmas in July) that will really lift your spirits.” (4 stars) – Romantic Times Magazine

“A bright new talent, Leanna writes sincere portrayals of regular people (Strong, Silent Cowboy) that keep you cheering through every page. Premium Quality!” – Pamela Morsi, best-selling and award-winning author

“Talented newcomer Leanna has a real treat for readers in the form of a Strong, Silent Cowboy. Ms. Ellis pens a sensitive romance highlighted by a solid plot, sweet heroine, kind-hearted hero and sizzling passion.” (4 stars) – Romantic Times Magazine