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Plain Fear: Forsaken

Plain Fear: Forsaken
 By Leanna Ellis

Hannah Schmidt, a young Amish woman mourning the mysterious death of her beloved Jacob, must decide between two brothers, between good and evil. When she learns her first love is now the vampire Akiva, she must forsake him and cling to a new love, a lasting love, one that will save her soul.

Coming August 2011

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What others are saying about PLAIN FEAR: FORSAKEN

With FORSAKEN, Leanna Ellis takes readers on a thrilling journey to the dark side of Amish life and beyond.  Written with insight and intensity, FORSAKEN opens Leanna Ellis’s PLAIN FEAR series with one hell of a bang.  Leanna Ellis’s keen eye for detail, sensitive prose and knowledge of the Amish brings FORSAKEN to vivid, wonderful life.  FORSAKEN exemplifies the ultimate literary juxtaposition of good and evil, and is made all the more powerful by Ellis’s ability to paint a vivid and realistic picture Amish life.
Linda Castillo, NY Times Bestselling author

Leanna Ellis has written an emotionally powerful story with an unusual twist to the vampire legend.
Nina Bangs, USA Today Bestselling Author

In a word...captivating. Leanna Ellis creates a world seemingly simplistic but teaming with complexity. Her take on vampires is fresh, dark and at times, heartbreaking. Forsaken is a book you won't want to miss.
Elisabeth Naughton, author of Tempted

"What do you get when you take two hugely popular genres and mix them together? You get Leanna Ellis writing "Forsaken" where the world of the Amish and the darkness of vampires comes crashing together in a chilling, compelling, shattering book that is hard to put down even when it's giving you the shivers. This is a haunting, heartbreaking story told with such beauty and intensity, it took my breath away. You don't want to miss this one!"
Lenora Worth, author of the NY Times Bestseller "Body of Evidence

An intense, powerful novel of love and loss, deception and deliverance.
Nancy Haddock, author of La Vida Vampire

Engrossing and atmospheric, unsettling and romantic. In Forsaken, Leanna Ellis offers a unique and utterly fascinating twist on the age-old battle between good and evil. The tension grows with each turn of the page -- I didn’t want to stop reading, and when I did I couldn’t stop thinking about this story!
Jennifer Archer, author of Through Her Eyes