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Happy Birthday, Miracle!

Eight years ago, we rescued a sweet, chocolate and white cat. She had been hit by a car and was lying in the middle of the highway. We tried to find her a home because both my husband and I are allergic to cats, but because one of her legs was badly injured we couldn’t find her a home. While she was at the vet, she had a kitten. It was ten days early and did not survive. The vet hoped she would be able to hold onto her other kittens for a few more days. But that night, she gave birth to two more kittens, which I had to deliver by hand. They were so small. They had no hair and couldn’t keep their own body warmth. We were so scared they wouldn’t make it. Momma cat had suffered a concussion as well as a leg injury and did not do the things Momma cats are supposed to do. She had no milk to offer, so we had to feed them by droppers. I remember my then three year old daughter praying for those tiny kittens. One only survived three days. But the other thrived. And she is still with us today. The momma cat lived with us for five years until she passed away. She was the sweetest cat ever. We named her Hershey because she looked like she had a smudge of chocolate on her upper lip. The baby kitten that survived we named Miracle, because it was a miracle that she survived and also that my husband and I aren’t allergic to her. Today we celebrate her birthday, the amazing story of her birth that we had the privilege to be a part of, and the joy that she brings to our lives. Thank you God for giving us the opportunity to love her.