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Peter Pan

One of my favorite stories is Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie, and so our first day in London we headed to Hyde Park where there is a statue of this wonderful character. It was quite cold that day, and we had to wear jackets to ward off the cold wind. It even decided to spit rain on us, but we were not deterred in the least.

By the way, a little added piece, a friend on FB gave me this link today about replicas of this statue around the world! Think we should go on a scavenger hunt for Peter Pan? Check this out:

I’m back!

We had a fabulous time in London, where we not only saw so many things in and around London, like the Imperial War Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Tower of London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s where we took part in the Eucharist on St. Patrick’s Day, Les Miserables and Billy Elliot, National History Museum, British Museum where we saw the rosetta stone, and British Library where we saw the Magna Carta, but also we traveled to Oxford and Stonehenge and Edinburgh. It was a fabulous trip. My favorite things were: seeing Les Mis again, this time with one of my favorite performers: Simon Bowman, who was fabulous as Jean Valjean, going to Stonehenge where we missed all the crowds, and seeing the British Library and Jane Austen’s writing desk. We came back last Monday and I was sick. I had gotten sick with a cold or virus or some such and it turned into pneumonia. So I’ve spent the last week trying to recover, taking care of my son who also got the crud, and also working on line edits for Forsaken. Today, I get back to work on Forbidden, book #2 of the Plain Fear Series. I’m very excited about this book and getting really excited about the launch of book #1, Forsaken, which comes out in August.

Here’s a picture of hubby and me in London. We could hear Big Ben chiming 6 o’clock.