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Don’t you love it when this happens?

We often call it coincidence or sometimes serendipity, but I like to call it a God moment. Recently, I had been really wanting, no yearning to read the Bible through again. The usual Bible that I read, which has 4 translations in it, seemed too crowded with all my markings and writings in the margin, so I bought a parallel Bible with the NIV and The Message side by side. About a week ago, I began reading, with my aim to read the Bible through in a year. To do so, I like to read a chapter in the Old Testament, a Psalm, and a chapter in the New Testament. Usually I begin in Matthew but this time I felt led to begin in Romans. Also, for the past couple of weeks, I’d felt really weighted with the need to memorize scripture. But where to start? It’s been a few years since I seriously memorized and I felt it was lacking in my spiritual growth. So while I contemplated this and prayed about what to memorize, I began my read through of the Bible. When I reached Romans 8, I knew it was what I was supposed to memorize. I felt it deep in my spirit. Happiness! Yet, when you haven’t memorized lately it can feel a bit daunting. Now back track, just a couple of days, and I had once again come into contact with a book that I keep seeing and hearing about and had finally purchased and begun reading– One Thousand Gifts. I am so impressed with Ann Voskamp’s weighty writing but also her heart, which shines through in the prose. So of course, I visited her website. I liked it. The day I read Romans 8 and new that was what I needed to memorize, I ventured back to Ann’s website–A Holy Experience–and discovered the coolest project she has going–The Romans Project. It’s folks memorizing Romans 1, 8, and 12. Wham-bam, I knew I had to do it. Yes, it’s crazy scary to even admit it here and commit to it because my memory is so bad and I don’t even know if I can memorize one verse much less 3 chapters, but I am so excited and I know God brought me to this place and to Ann’s website at just the right moment. Now, she and the folks there are 2 months ahead of me but that’s okay. She has a printout of the NIV version of the scriptures and helpful hints. Don’t you love it when God answers your prayers and brings you to a place you have no doubt He arranged? I do! So if you’ve been contemplating something similar, come on and join in!