The Adventure of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is special day, not only does it give me a chance to show my mother I love her, but as a mother myself it gives me the chance to remember about my precious babies being born. The day I had my first child, my life changed forever. What an adventure it has been. Bringing my first baby home from the hospital, my husband and I were worried about how long it would take my mom to arrive. We had a few hours on our own, and we didn’t know what to do. What if the baby cried? What would we do? What would he need? We were so clueless. We had so much to learn.

This is a picture of my amazing mom!

Now all these 15 years later, we are still pretty clueless. Of course, we’ve learned a few things along the way, had a few missteps, made lots of mistakes, but oh the joy and blessings we’ve enjoyed! Our children are no longer in the diaper stage, and let me just say that seems so much simpler now than it did then, because our children are full-fledged teenagers. My mother used to say, “Little kids have little problems. Big kids…” Well, you know where that statement is going, don’t you? It’s true. Life is so much more complicated than it was when I was a teenager (just a few short years ago–or more like a thousand!) Still, I love these days. I love remembering when my children were small, and I love enjoying the wonderful discussions we have now and watching them pursue their dreams.

This is my amazing daughter on stage!

This is my amazing son fencing!

This day, also gives me a chance to think about some wonderful mothers I’ve met along the way. They influenced me as I watched them mothering their own children. My friend, Betty, was an amazing mother to watch. We were in the same critique group. She was a very hands-on mom, and I have loved watching as her family grew and her children have become amazing adults. My cousin, Fleta, is another woman I watched mother her children through the years. I have emulated both of these women in many ways. Fleta’s children have grown up into wonderful adults too.

My husband and I are still in the middle of our parenting years with a lot more of our journey ahead of us. We are still learning and growing as our children mature. We’ll take it day-by-day–or as I used to do when my children were babies–nap-by-nap. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of writing a few books. Looking back down the years, I realized how many of my books have to do with mothers. All sorts of mothers! What a joy it has been to write about these women.

In Christmas in July, Geena is a single mother, barely getting by. I loved writing about her because she was quite spunky. It’s not easy being a single mom, and I highly respect the moms (and dads) who are traveling this journey alone. Please know you are not alone. There are many around you willing and eager to help and encourage and pray for you.

Elvis Takes a Back Seat was another story about a women and friendships and an unwed mother-to-be, who made hard decisions. Life doesn’t always hand us a vase of roses, and this book is about friendships and love and simply caring for others.

Lookin’ Back, Texas was about a mother/daughter relationship with a slightly crazy mother and how her grown daughter dealt with the crazy antics. This story was a lot of fun to write. In spite of the unusual circumstances, the depth in this story still touches my heart in profound ways. And no, my own mother is not this way. Thankfully!

Ruby’s Slippers was about a woman missing her mother and finding her own way in life. She realizes after trying to walk in her mother’s shoes that they don’t fit and she must find her own life.

Once in a Blue Moon was also about the loss of a mother and finding the truth in the past to bring healing. Mothers effect us in profound ways, even when they are no longer there.

Facelift was about the mother-in-law. Thankfully, my own mother-in-law was not this way, but I sure did have fun writing about this one. But again, the humor of the situations only mined the depth of emotions as I dug for answers and solutions.

Finally, one of the books in my Plain Fear series, Forbidden, deals with a mother-to-be and what measures she will go to in order to protect her unborn child.

To all the mother’s out there: Happy Mother’s Day!

In celebration of this wonderful day, leave a comment and I’ll give away one of these books (the winner’s choice). I’ll draw a winner May 15th!

14 thoughts on “The Adventure of Motherhood

  1. Jennifer

    I love how you write about how precious your family is. My family is very precious to me and I’m very grateful to God for every moment I get to spend with them. My mother’s day was going to Dairy Queen with my family and getting Gigi’s Cupcakes! Yum!
    happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Unknown

    I think as a parent you are always learning and worried about the what if’s.
    My husband and I have two boys that are grown ages 22 & 25. We also have two younger boys ages 12 & 8. I am still learning what to do big time with them especially the 8 year old. That one is trying me so. I need God to lead my way with this boy for sure. I wish I was more like my mother and grandmothers were in parenting.
    Cheryl Baranski

  3. Knitterfluter

    I would love to win one of your books. Lookin’ Back Texas looks fun. I also love hearing about your children as the mom of two amazing daughters I love mom stories.


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