Bundles of Joy and baby boys!

Thirteen years ago, I gave birth to my baby boy. It was a long, scary pregnancy, with lots of visits to the doctor, way too many sonograms, and all sorts of prayers tossed heavenward. Thankfully, all the fears were ungrounded, and he was born perfectly healthy. But then two weeks after his birth, we were sitting in the pediatric cardiologists office. Let me just say, I haven’t experienced anything worse than that. It’s not like your baby is born with a crooked nose or one ear higher than the other. We’re talking HEART issues! And my husband and I were SCARED. Believe me, we hit our knees and prayed and prayed and prayed. Now I know many other parents who have had to face worse situations than this, and thankfully my son’s issue resolved itself and his heart was healed. And my heart was changed. God really used that time in my life to change me, and I am so grateful. What a blessing it has been to watch my son grow and mature. He is turning into quite a man, and I am so proud of him and so blessed that God placed him in my care even temporarily. May God continue to bless my son and guide him in His will.

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