Rambunctious kittens

Here are a few more pictures of the kittens! The first is Sawyer and Hilo meeting. Hilo becomes very excited around the kittens, and I actually think the kittens like her too. The best way, right now, for them to play, is for me to hold Sawyer and then Hilo sits on the end of my bed. That way she doesn’t jump and if she gets to crazy I can step back and put space between us. Hilo has gotten very good about sitting. When I do this, Sawyer begins purring. Hilo noses the kitten, licks her, and Sawyer licks her back and rubs his head against Hilo’s. Very sweet!

My daughter is head over heels in love with these kittens. She loves to cuddle them and they seem to like it too. For not having been handled much before coming here they have adapted well to our almost constant attention.

The kittens like to jump to the edge of my bathtub. I found them one morning playing around the plants on the far edge, which are next to the window. Sawyer lost his balance and made a grab for the leaf but he ended up sliding into the bathtub. They are very adventurous and a lot of fun to watch.

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