The kittens are very rambunctious! They are much more comfortable with us now. Since they haven’t been handled much in the past, we are very pleased to how they have become accustomed to us, getting in our laps, purring for us, playing with us. They are very sweet. Our other animals are not too happy by all of this. Miracle, our 7 year old cat, growls at them. We let her stay in the bathroom with them, supervised of course, and she watched them playing for a long time. She’s curious but very mad. Our sweet lab, Liberty, was curious about them but she scared them and they hissed and spit at her. So she lost interest. Hilo, our labradoodle, is very curious about them but she is too rambunctious to be near them. So we continue to introduce them. Don’t forget to toss out a couple of suggestions for names, and you will be entered to win one or more of my books. If we choose the name you suggested then you’ll win 5 books! But if we choose a name of our own, then I will draw 5 winners and give each a book.

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