Happy birthday, Grandmommy!

Today would have been my grandmother’s 111th or 110th birthday. We’re not exactly sure. You see when she was born, you didn’t get a birth certificate. It wasn’t until she was in her 40s that she had to go to the courthouse and get her birth certificate. She had to take someone who was a witness of her birth. So she took her older sister, Ruby, who is in the picture above with my grandmother, Jewell. So her birth certificate says she was born Sept. 1, 1900. BUT the question comes when my sister discovered was that there was a census taken in 1900, before my grandmother’s ‘birth’ and it states there was a baby in the home already. So was she born in 1899. And if so, why would she change her birth date for her birth certificate? The only reason we could figure out is that if she was born in 1899 then she would have been a year older than her husband, my grandfather, who is in the other picture with her above on the day they were married. I can totally see her not wanting that!

But no matter what year she was born, I still miss her even though she passed away in 1984. She was such an enthusiastic person, so full of spunk and fun. She loved to eat and she was a fabulous cook! My grandfather called her ‘Burleson’ because that was the sweetest honey. I have such fond memories of her and my grandfather sitting side by side and reading their bibles. I can’t wait to see her again one day!

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