Dust to Dust

Last weekend, I went to a funeral. Something about funerals, the end of a life, the reading of a person’s accomplishments, always gets me thinking about my own life. The man who passed away was a wonderful pastor. He was well loved and respected by his family, churches where he had served and friends. It was an honor to honor him by attending his funeral. Hopefully, there are many years before I follow him to meet my maker, but hearing a eulogy always makes me think of my own life, how I’m living it out, what others might say about me. It’s a wonderful way to set goals. So I challenge you to think about what others might say about you today if you were to suddenly find yourself at Heaven’s doorstep. And then, contemplate what you would WANT them to say. Sometimes there is a wide gap. And that’s how we can learn and grow and stretch ourselves to run the race that has been set before us. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what others say about us. Ultimately, we want to live our lives so that the Lord will greet us with “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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