How are ya really?

“How are you?” “Just fine.” We hear that all the time. We say it. Everything’s fine. Everyone is smiles and sunshine. And that’s just wonderful. But what if you’re feeling like a dark cloud is hovering over your heart? What if everything for you isn’t ‘just fine.” What if you feel like you’re dying inside? I was recently in a situation where everyone was all smiles and I felt like I couldn’t reveal the tears that were welling up in my soul. Now maybe everyone was honestly happy go-lucky but I rather doubt it. And so often the church puts on this “Just fine” happy face that often puts a barrier between them and those who are hurting. Yes, we find joy in Christ. So when we walk through those dark days we aren’t hopeless. But some days aren’t “just fine.” So, really, truly, how are ya?

4 thoughts on “How are ya really?

  1. Michelle V

    I was raised that way. When you walk out the door, you put on the happy mask and pretend everything is ok no matter what. That’s a tough thing to change!

    Michelle V

  2. Leanna Ellis

    Michelle, So many people were raised that way! And old habits are hard to break. But being real in front of others allows them to be real in front of us. And then we can help each other.

    Blessings back to ya!

  3. Melinda Lancaster

    I’ve always looked at it this way: some days I am a mess but I am always blessed.
    Like many I rarely answer this question truthfully because I fear people can’t handle the truth or don’t really want to know. More recently on “not so good days” I tell people I am ok. If they ask for mote information I share as God leads.
    I don’t want to be a fake but at the same time don’t want to wear my heart on my sleeve.

  4. Leanna Ellis

    Hi, Melinda! Great thoughts about this topic. You’re right, we can’t go around mopin’ and cryin’. When the check out boy says, “How are ya?” He doesn’t really want to hear that the dog just died. But so often with friends even we don’t share our deepest hurts. I agree with you that you have to wait for the Lord’s leading. But at that little nudge, we should be willing to open up and share.

    Love the comments, y’all!


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