Flush it!

Have you ever had the water turned off in your house? It affects your ability to flush your toilet. No duh! No kidding. Not fun. And well…we know what can build up, right? Ick! But that’s the same in our lives. Things build up…resentments, unforgiveness, frustrations, etc… and we need to flush them out. How do we do that? With the toilet, once the water has come back on, all we have to do is press a handle. But it’s not so easy to flush our heart. So what we need is living water to pour over us and wash away the debris. That living water is what Jesus talked about in Matthew when he said, …” So let Jesus’ living water pour over you daily by reading His Word. Remember ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.” Reading scripture will wash away those impurities. So if you haven’t read any scripture in a while, then I bet you’ve got a bowl full of ick in your life. Flush it with The Word.

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