Contest Epitaphs

Hi, y’all! Thanks for the wonderful posts yesterday and all the private emails! I really appreciate your support and I will keep you posted when Forsaken, the first of the Plain Fear series, is released. 🙂

Today, I thought I’d share some of the epitaphs I received in a recent contest on my e-newsletter. Seems like a weird contest, right? Well, it was for Once in a Blue Moon, my recent release. The heroine, Bryn, writes epitaphs about herself throughout the book. Writing an epitaph or obituary about yourself is actually a good way to focus on your long term goals. Long term, right? No need to use these epitaphs any time soon. 🙂 Anyway, so here are a few of the entries. I’ll post more later.

Linda wrote hers as a song:
My Jesus I Love Thee

Martha wrote:
She prayed.

Glendel wrote:
Here lies Glendel: She tried.

Lena wrote:
She came. She wrote. She left us in the dust.

One thought on “Contest Epitaphs

  1. Janice Thompson

    Oh, I missed your contest altogether, but have to tell you my epitaph. My daughters have all agreed that my tombstone is going to read, “She had to go home to write a book” (because I end all of our family gatherings with the words, “I’ve got to go home and write a book”).


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