The Race of Life

Do you ever feel like you’re scrambling, so far behind that you’ll never catch up? Boy, I do. My life is a huge juggle with husband, kids, home, writing. I’m forever behind on reading the latest about the publishing business. I’m always behind on laundry and just when I catch up…one of my kids brings down another load. I’m behind on books I need to read. It feels like I’m a gerbil running on one of those wire wheels where the little rodent never quite gets ahead, never crosses the finish line, never finishes the race. But life isn’t a wheel. There is a beginning and an end. And sometimes I have to look at the big picture and realize that when my life is over I won’t be regretting not getting that last bit of laundry folded or one more article on writing written or read. But I will regret not spending those extra moments hugging my husband or children or friends. Looking toward that finish line can often put our priorities in perspective and help us to refocus. It’s one thing that my character, Bryn, in Once in a Blue Moon does. She considers her own obituary and what will be said about her one day. We should all do that more often. It’s a great way to focus on the goals that are truly important to us. Give it a try. What do you want said about you one day when you’ve gone to heaven? Now, how does that translate into prioritizing your day?

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