Black and White Peanut Butter Cookies

This is a MUST HAVE at our house for Christmas.

Ritz crackers
Smooth peanut butter
White almond bark
Dark almond bark

Thinly spread half of crackers with peanut butter. Top with remaining crackers to make sandwiches. Melt white almond bark over hot water. Dip cracker sandwiches in melted bark a bit over halfway. Carefully lay cookie on waxed paper. When cookies are dry and can be handled, melt chocolate bark in another pan over hot water (or microwave). Dip cracker sandwiches in this to finish covering crackers. Result: Cookies are half black and half white and totally delicious! You can also sprinkle with decorative sugars. If you have any left over almond bark, spoon in nuts or pretzels. Yum!

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