Frequently Asked Question about Time

How do you find time to write?

Many times I wonder that myself. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. With two kids, homeschooling, taxiing them to and from activities, plus just the general running of a home, it’s not easy to find time. But I learned a long time ago, that you find time for what you want to find time for. Many days I get up long before the sun thinks about rising. I have a quiet time, which is essential for me to quiet my spirit and just chat with my creator. Then I write. I try not to get distracted by emails and blogs, but I need to work on that self-discipline more. Two and a half days a week, my kids attend a private school, so those are my heavy writing days. On days when the kids are home, we often all work at the kitchen table together. They’re getting more self-sufficient in their schoolwork, so I have to do less and less. On those days I edit moe, check emails or address general business stuff. If needed after dinner I can usually find another hour or two if I’m not busy taking kids to dance, soccer practice or fencing. Thankfully, I also have a very supportive family and we all work together to do chores around the house. My husband does a lot of consulting too, so it’s a juggle. Whoever has the closest deadline takes priority. We’re a team, and we all have to work together.

When my son was first born, I was contracted for 4 books. So with a newborn, I wrote when he slept. Which wasn’t often. He would only nap for about 30 minutes at a time during the day. So I did prep work while nursing him or throughout the day, jotting dialogue that came to me. Then during those thirty minute naps, I got busy. No time to check email, just write. And I managed to meet all my deadlines that year, even though half that time I was pregnant with my second child.

It can be done. So if you have a crazy schedule, just fit in bits and pieces. Remember, one page a day adds up to a book by the end of the year.

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