Fiction Blessing!

Another reader sent me this about how fiction has impacted her life:

Fiction has impacted my life from a very early age. But this year it has encouraged me and uplifted me through so many surgeries. It also opened an avenue where I could reward back to the authors for how they blessed me. I became a reviewer. I have learned to love historical romance more than ever this year and found Christian mysteries. But every book that has fallen into my hands this year has just been what I needed to uplift and encourage me. Also I have found sharing my books with others and introducting them to great books has blessed them and in turn been a blessing to me.

I love that! Thanks for sharing, Jane! Let fiction bless you and then pass it on!

2 thoughts on “Fiction Blessing!

  1. Michelle V

    I can ditto so much of what she said! Christian fiction is such a blessing to me! And I also do book reviews and pass those books along and spread the word!



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