Frequently Asked Questions #8

How do you find time to write?

With two kids, whom I homeschool, plus just the general running of a home, it’s not easy to find time. But I learned a long time ago, that you find time for what you want to find time for. I get up long before the sun thinks about rising. And please don’t say I’m a morning person. I’m not. I have to train myself to get up early. And I easily fall out of that routine if given the chance. I have a quiet time, which is essential for me to quiet my spirit and chat with my creator. Then I write. I try not to get distracted by emails, Facebook, Twitter and blogs, but I need to work on that self discipline more. Usually, after the kids have finished school, they’re ready to play without me, so I write or edit, check emails or address general business stuff. If needed after dinner I can usually find another hour or two if I’m not busy taking kids to dance, soccer practice or fencing. Thankfully, I also have a very supportive family and we all work together to do chores around the house. It’s always a balancing act. Every day tends to be different. Some days I get more writing done than others. I have learned to give myself a little grace each day. Most days I write in bits and spurts. It’s not necessarily the easiest way to write but this is a season. Some day my kids will have gone off to college and their own lives and I’ll have more time to write. So I do what I can with the time I have now.

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