Denver Day Three

Morning! I’m running late on this last blog as I admittedly stayed out too late last night! But what fun! It was a busy day yesterday and I unfortunately only made it to about ten minutes of Rene Gutteridge’s workshop. I did get to hear Debbie Macomber speak after lunch. She’s always terrific. Very inspiring. One thing she said, and I believe this is from her book Knit Together (which is terrific), she made a list of people she wanted to meet in her lifetime. This was a list of famous folks, and many on her list she has now met. But she also now has a blank list for those folks that God wants her to meet. Very interesting thought.

I also heard Harry Klaus speak. He gave a devotional yesterday morning that was incredible. He talked about how small we are in comparison to our great, big God. To really dwell on that is amazing. To consider what all our God does for us, how he continuously shows his love for us, reaches out toward us, and yet how tiny we are in his vast creation.

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