Denver Day One

If you’re not able to go to the ACFW Conference this year in Denver and feeling left out, don’t! Just check in here and on my Facebook page as well as to see what’s happening.

Today started out very crazy, trying to finish packing and getting out the door. It didn’t help that The Hilo Monster got in my suitcase and pulled out all my unmentionables! Anyway, got packed and out the door and the kids off to school. When I arrived at my gate and was waiting for my flight, I heard someone clapping. I looked around and this guy about 20 feet away from me was clapping and clapping and clapping. I noticed others much further away were clapping. I was trying to figure out what was going on and then I saw. Soldiers were walking along the skyramp and people below were standing and clapping. It sent chills all over me as they walked by, one after another. Such a cool moment. I was so proud of them and to be an American.

After I’d boarded the plane, I was chatting with the woman sitting next to me who was coming to Denver to a computer conference. Nice lady. And since she learned I was coming to a writer’s conference and she was reading a romance novel we started talking about books. I mentioned a couple of books that she might enjoy and the woman in front of my turned around and joined in the conversation. Eventually that woman somehow connected that she’d seen her local paper review Ruby’s Slippers favorably. What a cool moment!

By noon, I was at the hotel and seeing writers left and right. I met so many new friends at the airport and on the shuttle to the hotel that my mind is a blur of names and faces. It is such a friendly atmosphere. I have seen my Dallas chapter, Ready Writers, many I haven’t seen in months and months because I haven’t been able to attend any meetings due to kid activities or my dad’s illness and death. So it’s been great catching up!

I’ve also seen friends: Julie Lessman, Rachel Hauck, Cara Putnam, Mary Connealy, Debby Giusti, Leann Harris, Jennifer AlLee and Miralee Ferrell (in pic with me). And many, many more! At dinner, I ran into Julie Gwinn, superwoman and marketing guru from B&H! I was thrilled to see her and can’t wait till our meeting later this week.

I am so excited to be here! I’m so excited to hear Donald Maass tomorrow! I’m excited to hear Debbie Macomber, the keynoter. And I’ve even heard that Ted Dekker will be here tomorrow night as he recently joined ACFW. I hope you’ll come hang out with me here or on Facebook or on Twitter. I’ll try to update every chance I get and post little snippets of info!

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