True Father

Ever since my father past away on April 8th, I’ve been floundering spiritually. Not questioning what I believe. It’s hard to explain. Mostly, I’m just having a difficult time spending time in the word and in prayer. I feel distracted. Lost. Part of me worries that I’m not doing what I should be doing … quiet time, studying the word. And yes, those are things I need to be doing. And I will again. But that’s my old self berating me. It’s not God. Doesn’t act that way. I was reminded of His grace this past week through an amazing sermon by Robert Morris. It was like balm to my wounded soul. My salvation is a gift. God didn’t give it to me and then say I needed to pay for it by spending time with him and doing a bible study every six weeks. He paid that price tag completely. No credit card was used. No interest. It was paid in Jesus’ blood. I Corinthians 6:19-20 tells me I was bought for a price. I am not my own. I belong to God. Nothing can take me out of the palm of his hand. This video truly spoke to me. I’d seen it before in a different context. And simply seeing it as a father helping his son is totally amazing. But when you look at it with spiritual eyes and see the picture of how God lifts and carries us, then it totally puts me on my face in awe of Him and I know that I haven’t been lazy or rebellious these past couple of months. I’ve simply been paralyzed and He’s been carrying me through it all. Check it out:

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