A Remarkable Man

Often on Mondays I highlight another writer’s books, but I thought I’d tell you what I’m reading these days. Inspired after being in Washington DC last week, I wanted to read some books about our founding fathers when I returned home. During our visit to Mount Vernon, I was so struck by our first president. He was first and foremost a farmer. He took great care in planning his home and in rotating crops in order to help the land recover and grow. He was definitely a forward thinker. During his many years on the battlefield, he actually lost more battles than he won. The British said that he out spied them. He and Martha did not have children together, but he helped raise her two children. One even died in his arms when she fell under an epileptic seizure. Later, he and Martha helped raise their grandchildren. Reluctantly he agreed to be president. But that was not his first choice. He really only wanted to return home to Mt. Vernon and farm. This remarkable man so intrigued me as I read about him, saw the amazing monument built in his honor , visited Yorktown which was the final battle place of the Revolutionary War and toured his home. So, I’m reading Washington: The Indispensable Man by James Thomas Flexner. This country of ours definitely needs another leader like George Washington, one who is reluctant to embrace power but puts his/her country first. So, what are you reading?

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