You’re off center…

I was blissfully unaware of this reality when I started Wii Fit. Now it tells me everyday … you’re leaning too far back on your heels, too much weight on toes, too much to the left … you get my drift. This morning, I had a thought. It’s a rare occasion. I’ve become more aware of my posture, my stance, my leanings over the last few weeks because of Wii Fit. Isn’t the same true when I spend time in the Word of God? Standing on His Word, like that Wii fit board, shows me where I’m leaning too far in one direction, judging too much, not loving enough. I’m leaning forward … back! I’m slouching. A quiet time with the Lord, grounded in His Word, pulls me back to center. Where is your favorite place to get centered and have a quiet time with the Lord?

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