Back in the Saddle

After a couple of weeks off dealing with family issues and grieving my father, I’m getting back in the groove this week, working on my next book for B&H Publishing. I’m a little behind on blogging and emails and writing but am trying not to stress about it. I know the grief process isn’t over. There will be hard days, more tears and laughter too. It’s all a part of life. Thank you for the prayers. I have treasured each email and letter.



2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Renee

    Hi Leanna,

    First off let me start by saying I was really sorry to hear about your dad but I’m sure he’s in a better place cheering you on!

    Secondly thank you so much for sending me the signed copy of RUBY’S SLIPPERS! I just finished reading it…wow!!! It was awesome, I especially thought the play on the name Toto aka Otto was so cute! I just love the Wizard of Oz so this was so terrific that you put a Christian twist on it! I can’t wait to get your other two books! Keep it up!!!



  2. Leanna

    Thanks so much, Renee! Your right, he is in a better place. It’s those of left behind (so to speak) that have a rough time. But I think we’re all doing okay. There will be good days and hard days.

    So glad you enjoyed Ruby’s Slippers. Let me know how you like the others.




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