No rest for the weary

It was one of the busiest weekends which allowed very little time to rest. Two basketball games plus a fencing tournament equals exhaustion. Yes, I know, I didn’t have to run up and down the court, dribbling and shooting, or fencing bout after bout. But when you’re a parent, nervousness wraps around your insides and tightens your muscles as you pray for each ball to go in the basket and each jab with the foil to hit the right mark. You feel each scab on the knee or bruise to the shin that your kids sustain. So I am really looking forward to spring break in two weeks. But in spite of our weariness from all our sports events and studying for tests and school projects, there is a peace and joy that sustains and lifts and comforts. And I am grateful for my heavenly father who knows when I need rest and gives me the strength I need each day.

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