Topsy Turvy Days

Have you had one those? Or twelve hundred? I seem to be having over my quota this week. On Monday, our garage door broke. The big spring that lifts the door snapped in two. My husband was growling. He couldn’t get to work. I had to call someone in our neck of the woods who goes to the same school (30 minutes away) and see if they could take my kids. Then rush, rush, rush to find someone to fix the door, so we could get our cars out!

The rest of the week has been craziness with all these home projects we’re doing. The reupholstered chairs are supposed to be coming. My cat needs to go to the vet for maybe a UTI. Ugh. And ka-ching! The painters are coming on Monday and I couldn’t decide on a paint color for the kitchen. More rushing to and from the paint store.

Deep breathing exercises would be good about now. Anyone else have those days?

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