Living Your Dream?

My son was five when he took his first fencing lesson. He left the club with a huge smile on his face. When we climbed into the car, I said, “How’d you like it?” He said, “Mommy, I’m living my dream.” Wow. That we could all say that, right?

It’s almost 6 years since that day, and my son loves fencing just as much as he did then. He works hard at it. His coach would tell you that he always gives 110% to every practice. He is usually the last one to quit fencing. Often I have to say, “It’s time to go.” Has he won every tournament? Nope. But he has won some medals. But those tournaments are few and far between. When my son started fencing, he fenced once a week. He didn’t even own any equipment for two years. Finally, when it was obvious that he was serious, we bought the equipment he needed. Eventually, he began fencing twice a week and now he fences three times a week. He is quite serious about it. But the joy of living his dream has never left.

It makes me wonder about myself. I too am living my dream. I’m a writer. And I love to write. I’m so blessed to be contracted, especially in these difficult economic times. But do I give 110% every time I sit down to write? I’m not so sure about that. Some days, I’ll admit, I just want to punch out my page count and call it a day. Some days, I groan on my way to the computer. Oh, feeling very convicted. I let the day-to-day drag me down into the mire of doubt. I let the business side irritate me. But it’s my attitude. It’s my heart that needs changing, not the circumstances. I need to find the joy in the day-to-day grind of living my dream. I need to find joy in finding the right word, in putting my characters in danger, in completing even one sentence. There is joy to be found if I’m willing to look and see.

How many of you are living your dream? How many of you are still searching? Or still waiting for that day to arrive? May I encourage you to start living your dream today.

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