Where have I been?

Chasing a puppy! Hilo has discovered toilet paper. She loves to sneak into a bathroom, jump up and snag the TP and take off running through the house with it. Lovely. So glad she’s interested in all things about the bathroom, just wish she’d learn to go outside! I know it’ll happen, but just hasn’t made that connection yet. But at 8 weeks old, she knows her name, knows ‘hungry’ and ‘out.’ She also recognizes the word ‘no,’ but chooses to ignore it at times. She loves to climb up in the pantry. Yes. Climb! There’s sort of a stair-step grouping of big popcorn cans which we use to keep the dog and cat food. She climbs these. So, she’s really keeping me hopping.

We made a trip to my folks’ ranch in East Texas this weekend. She did really well. She’s a good traveler. And my husband managed to watch her while I went to Longview to speak to a brand new ACFW chapter. They were a great bunch of ladies. My mom went with me, so that was extra special. I think she just wanted to get away from the puppy.

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