It’s THAT Time of Year

When pumpkin pies are baking, turkeys roasting and … is there or isn’t there Christmas music playing? I know some people who will not play a Christmas song until after Thanksgiving Day is over and the turkey leftovers are put away. But then I know others, like me, who listen year round to Christmas music. My favorite time to listen to “It’s that time of year …” is in the heat of July when I can’t stand this Texas heat one minute longer. But of course we’ve already started listening to Christmas music. There’s a Dallas radio station (103.7) that plays Christmas music and even interviewed Brenda Lee (Rockin’ Round the Christmas Tree) this past week. Yesterday, (brace yourself for this one) we put away the Thanksgiving decorations and pulled out the Christmas tinsel. We are not putting up a tree this year in an effort to keep the puppy from attacking it and eating the lights (which our lab, Liberty, did 7 years ago). But our stockings are hung and ready for Santa. We put our decorations out before we leave town for Thanksgiving so I don’t have to do it when we get home. Anyway, last night we watched our first Christmas movie of the season — The Bishop’s Wife.

So, are you already getting in the mood for Christmas with the jingling of the bells or do you wait?

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