New Critique Group

Tomorrow I’m meeting with a new critique group. I’m really excited about these three other women. But of course, I’m a little nervous too. It’s always nerve-wracking to hand over your writing to someone and ask them to critique it. But overall, I’m really excited about it.

I’ve been in numerous critique groups since I started writing in 1991. Sometimes the groups work out. Sometimes not. Sometimes the writers become dear friends. Sometimes not. But one thing I’ve learned in all these years and in these many, many groups — they are always changing. They’re never stagnate. A critique group is like a living breathing organism.

So I’m excited about tomorrow. Excited to read these other writers work. Excited to see all of our writing grow. Excited to get to know them better. Excited to talk about writing.

How many of you belong to a critique group for your writing?

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