Yada, yada, yada

We went on a walk this morning. The weather is beautiful. Fall is my favorite time of the year. So, my son was riding his bike, my daughter was walking, and I was walking the big goofy lab. My son (age 10) started telling me about his book that he’s writing, talking non-stop without taking a breath. Or so it seemed. I have to confess I wasn’t paying attention as I should have. I was trying to keep the leash from getting tangled up in my son’s bike as he was going extra slow so he could tell me all about aliens and battles and such. When he rode off ahead of us, I just chuckled because he was still talking. I looked up at the beautiful blue sky and just shook my head. I imagined how God must smile down at us some days when we’re talking non-stop, praying about some problem or crisis, going on and on and on. Maybe he wants to say, “Stop. Take a breath. Now, you can hear me.” Oh, yeah, he already did … “Be still and know I am God.”

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