Uniform Moms

Two weeks until school starts. That means shopping for clothes and shoes and supplies. I love shopping, but hunting down the right kind of belt or correct notebook for my kid is not my joy in life. However, I must say now that my kids are getting to THAT age, the age where they have their own particular tastes in clothes (I’m not wearing that!), I am eternally grateful for homeschooling and private schools that require uniforms. It simplifies my life.

When my kids are at home doing their school work, they can putter around in their pjs. Okay by me. I’m right there with them. It is pretty embarrassing though when the UPS guy shows up with a package and we look like we’re all sick because it’s past noon and we’re still in our pjs. The days when my kids attend school, they have uniforms. By the time kids are nearing the teen years, uniforms simplify the ‘did you see what she was wearing?’ and other problems brought on by hiphuggers and dysfunctional clothing.

Here’s the problem: what does mom wear? Maybe moms need uniforms too. Have you seen what some people wear while dropping off their kids at school or picking them up in the afternoon? Oops! You’re right, that was me you saw barefoot, hair still mussed from sleep (afternoon nap, right?) and no makeup. Oops! I need a uniform. But if I’m not wearing the correct colored socks, does that mean I’ll get detention?

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