Open Doors

“There are things that are known and things that are unknown and in between are only doors.” — William Blake

I love that quote. Gotta use it in a book sometime. Today, I was thinking about doors as I was painting the upstairs hallway. There are eight doors that open to that hall. Eight doors I had to tape around. Eight doors to paint around. And boy, that sounds like a pain, doesn’t it? Until I thought, there are eight empty spaces I don’t have to paint! Love that!

So many times we think of opportunities as open doors and rejection (especially in the book biz) as closed doors. Those closed doors can be a good thing. Think of all those boyfriends you never married. Have you seen those guys lately? Remember what they were like. Really! Now, go hug your husband. Aren’t you glad you didn’t marry one of the others (a closed door!). What about the job you almost took or the path you almost went down. Did the door slam in your face? Was it really a bad thing? Or maybe, just maybe it was God protecting you from something and steering you toward something much better.

Open doors, closed doors, cup half full or half empty. Life is often how we choose to look at it.

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