Danger Zone

Mission (of painting son’s room) accomplished. Next project: guest bedroom. I’ve already painted big patches on the wall to test the color. Today, I’ll buy the paint and tape the windows and doors and baseboards. Be careful. Anything sitting still too long in my house could be subjected to a new color of paint.

It must be our recent trip to Disney World and all the roller coasters jarring something loose in my brain, but I’ve been thinking about the different kinds of roller coaster riders. I am the reluctant rider. Every turn, every loopity-loop, every gigantic hill (which always leads to a sharp drop off — as in what goes up must come down), I clench the lapbar tighter and tighter. Often I will have a smile on my face. Not because I’m having fun. I’m not. My teeth are actually clenched. The smile is for the benefit of anyone who might be watching so they think I’m okay with the ups and downs, twists and turns. I’m brave. Right? Nope. I’m scared. I hate heights. I hate feeling out of control.

Then there are the crazy roller coaster riders. Crazy? Yep. They throw their hands in the air. They have a maniacal laugh as they face a gigantic hill. The scream and laugh as they go down, down, down and loopity-loop a half dozen times. They are having the time of their life.

Which made me wonder if there is any correlation to how roller coaster fanatics and chickens face real life? When trouble comes (and it does, doesn’t it?), do the crazy roller coaster riders, throw their arms up, praising God anyway, letting the moment flow over them, absorbing the rush of wind, the fear or pain, and then quickly moving on to the next peak or valley in their life?

Do the scaredy-cats like me, see a valley coming or a twisting curve in life and grab onto anything that seems stable, the bible, God, friends, food for comfort? Squeezing their eyes tightly shut, scrunched down in their seat, do they pray for the moment to pass, swear they’ll never put themselves in that position again, promise anything to God (first born children, reading the bible through in one sitting, whatever it takes) for Him to miraculously get them through this turbulance?

In real life, I guess I’m a bit of both. Which are you?

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