Prayers needed

I have a sick cat. Hershey, my three-legged, slightly brain damaged cat, has been living with us for five years. We found her on the highway after she’d been hit. She’s such a pretty kitty with a chocolately reddish brown coat mixed with white. She almost looks like a s’more. She has a little chocolatey smudge above one lip, hence her name — Hershey. About six weeks ago, she developed a bad ear infection. It threw her off balance, which for a three-legged cat is bad. The ear infection has been difficult to battle. The vet thought something might be causing it such as a tumor or growth. But hard to tell. Since we were going on vacation last week, we boarded Hershey with our vet while we were gone so she could get the care she needed. But she didn’t eat well. The vet had to force feed her some. I hoped she would eat better when she came home. But she hasn’t. And she is looking worse and worse. She seems to be having trouble swallowing tonight and is not eating at all. I held her for a long time tonight and just loved on her. She purred as she always does. I’m taking her back to the vet tomorrow morning. All prayers are appreciated.

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