A Rollercoaster Ride!

Nine days at Disney World and I’m finally home. I’m sitting at my computer and it feels as if I’m going up and down on some rollercoaster. Happily exhausted, we had a lovely trip. The kids (9 and 8) didn’t want to come home. My daughter cried the last night at Magic Kingdom. But my hubby, my sister and I were crying because our feet hurt and we were definitely ready to return home. My 77 year old mother went with us for a few days. She was smart, staying only 5 days. And she wore the rest of us out! What a trooper!

While I was hanging out with Mickey and Minnie, where all the world seems like a parade, I had family and friends dealing with difficult issues. Life is like a rollercoaster sometimes, isn’t it? Spins you around. Takes you up death-defying hills. Plunges you into the depths of darkness. Makes you white knuckle your faith. Takes your breath away. The hills and valleys, the twists and turns, are there to make us look heavenward.

How’s your view these days?

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