What the …?

Interesting study out today by Nielson concerning PG rated movies. Apparently the PG movies with the least profanity did the best at the box office. Those conducting the study learned that parents are choosing very carefully what movies to take their little darlings to. Those with the least foul language did the best.

I have to admit, I was expecting the worst from this study. I expected the movies with the most profanity to do the best at the box office. How cynical I’ve become! I guess I’ve seen too many young children sitting through R rated movies. But I was delighted to see these results. Hopefully, it will make Hollywood sit up and take notice. That’s one reason I so loved National Treasure. It was action packed, grabbing both parents’ and kids’ attention, but also had no foul language. So it’s good to go out and support movies that promote good family values. Money does talk!

So how do you choose what movies to take your kids to? Do you read reviews first? Talk to other parents you trust? Wait for movies to come out on DVD? Go to any movie your kids want to see? Do you find it hard to say no to your kids?

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