Candid Camera Tip #2 and #3

If you’re going to be on television, especially live TV, then prepare to be flexible. When I arrived at the studio, I was shown to the ‘green room.’ The makeup gal checked my makeup and just dabbed me with a little extra powder. Basically, I had done my own, much heavier than I usually wear it. I was given a microphone and powerpack to hook onto my clothes. I met the hosts who would be interviewing me. They were very nice. But they were busy getting ready, so don’t expect to stand around and chat too much. Then down the hall to the actual studio we went.

I was then told the studio was experiencing technical difficulties. All the headsets were down. Basically, the cameramen and producers couldn’t communicate. Not good for a live show. It was getting closer and closer to ‘kick off’ time. Still, the equipment wasn’t working. So they decided at the last minute to go with a previously taped show.

More waiting. I was told they would hopefully (if the equipment began to work) that we’d tape my segment and it would be played at a later date. But still, the equipment wasn’t working. With me was a pastor from California who was supposed to be speaking about his book on church cells. We decided we needed prayer. So we prayed. Less than 5 minutes later, the equipment was in working order. So then it was decided we would do the complete show as if live. One of the hosts had already removed his makeup thinking there wouldn’t be any filming that day. That’s how close we were to it being a complete bust! The studio took care of the shuttle, letting them know to pick us up later. We had to make sure we were through in time to get back to the hotel to check out and in time to get to the airport for our flights. Thankfully, it all worked out.

When you’re dealing with such highly technical equipment, don’t be surprised when things go wrong. Just continue smiling and be flexible. Praying is also extremely helpful!

By the way, The Harvest Show put the wrong program up on their website. So my interview can’t be seen yet. It will be broadcast again on Direct TV Saturday morning at 5am. Hopefully, I’ll get it posted on my website soon. See! We can flex!

2 thoughts on “Candid Camera Tip #2 and #3

  1. Diane


    What a crazy few days for you in Indiana! I look forward to seeing the interview. What I really wanted to tell you is that I so enjoyed reading Elvis Takes a Back Seat. What wonderful messages delivered in a very entertaining way! Congrats!

    Diane R.
    Richardson, Texas


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