Candid Camera Tip #1

As many of you know, I was on The Harvest Show Monday, March 3rd. It was my first appearance on television, and of course I learned a lot. Here is my first big tip: read all labels carefully!

I should know this one! But in an effort to carry my luggage on the airplane (and not risk it getting lost as I changed planes at O’Hare), I bought a 3oz. bottle of hair spray to take. Well, I thought it was hair spray. I woke up nice and early on Monday morning so I wouldn’t have to rush around and get all flustered and nervous. I wanted to stay nice and calm. I was just about ready and had 15 minutes before the shuttle would pick me up from the hotel and take me to the studio. I finished the last touches on my makeup and finished fixing my hair. It was ready for the final touch — the hairspray! I spritzed and spritzed and spritzed, adding a few extra spritzes because it was raining in South Bend. I looked in the mirror. Something was definitely not right. I looked closer. Something was wrong. My hair looked wet. WET! I touched it and my fingers came away greasy. GREASY! Ick! Right before my eyes, my hair was falling and turning greasy. Yuck! What did I spray on it?

I raced to my bag where I keep my reading glasses (yes, I need them, obviously more than I realized) and read the very tiny writing on the very tiny bottle of what I thought was hair spray. It wasn’t hair SPRAY. It was hair SHINE. I had to rewash my hair immediately.

Trouble was, I couldn’t take off my shirt and risk getting that grease all over it. I couldn’t wash off my makeup either. But I could not go on live television with greasy, flat hair! So I bent over the tub, a towel over my shirt to keep it from getting wet, and rewashed my hair as fast and as thoroughly as I could. Then a quick blow dry and I had to run meet the shuttle.

Thankfully, it all turned out well. So always be careful and read those labels before traveling with a new hair product!

If you want to see how the interview went for yourself, check out the video on The Harvest How. Click on the button to the right for Monday March 3rd. I’m about 20 minutes into the show. If my hair has a shine, it’s natural. 🙂

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