Well, there were tears. My son cried when the Patriots didn’t win, didn’t carry out a perfect season. But there are lessons in losing. Apparently, the Patriots’ coach needs to learn how to lose. It was a weird, awkward moment when the referees insisted one last down be taken. One second was left on the clock. They couldn’t just let it go. So, they forced teams, coaches and fans off the field. But the Patriots coach had already headed up the tunnel to the locker room. Now, I will say he did rush across the field and congratulate the Giants’ coach but then poof he exited. Leaving his team. To me, it showed it was all about him.

So here’s the lesson for me today. It’s never all about us. It’s bigger than me. It’s all about God. So in whatever crisis or situation I face today, I hope I remember it’s not about me.

And just so you know, we were cheering for the Patriots. Before that, we cheered for Green Bay. Before that, we cheered for Dallas. None of our teams won. Sigh. But there’s always next year. I have to say I absolutely love seeing the smiles on the winning teams’ faces. Their dreams came true last night. A dream they’d had since they were little boys. That is fun to watch!

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