Valentine’s Faux Pax!

Yesterday afternoon, I arrived home after taking my kids to their music class, and there was a florist’s box on the front porch. Now, I love my hubby but he hasn’t sent me flowers since … well, I think since before we married. So this made me VERY happy. Except, this is the card that came with the tulips:

Happy Valentines! I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow night. Love, Matt.

Who’s Matt? That’s not my hubby.

Now, I will admit, I was in a rush when I read the card. The kids were vying to see it all, and the only thing I could think of was, “Who is Matt?” and “What’s tomorrow night?” I have a book signing tomorrow night. The only Matt I know works for my publisher in sales. But I’m not sure Borders is one of his accounts. And why would he come to this signing? So my kids were then asking, “Who is Matt?” My daughter said, “Your boyfriend?” Uh, no.

So I reread the card. That’s when ‘I love you’ stands out. No way would the Matt I know say that. So now I’m wondering what is going on here.

As I open the box of flowers, my daughter says, “These are from daddy!” I think she had a disconnect between the card and what came with the card — the flowers. My hubby had told her he was getting me flowers or so I discovered in the next few moments. Then my daughter was upset because she’d let the cat out of the proverbial box.

Then I figured my hubby had sent flowers and someone else got them and his note. Matt would be wondering where his flowers and note ended up. And 1-800 Flowers is in big trouble!

Of course, my writer’s mind went off into all kinds of scenarios, how this kind of a mixup could change the course of someone’s life ….

Thankfully, my hubby has a great sense of humor and knows I don’t have a boyfriend Matt.

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