The Ladies … the talent!

There’s a lot of depth to the ladies performing on American Idol season 7. Whoo-hooo! Apparently there’s been a lot of flu and bronchitis going around, but still I think they were troupers and did a great job last night. Here are my top picks: Syesha Mercado (an incredibly powerful voice, confident and beautiful. I didn’t particularly like her song last night but she was awesome.), Asia’h Epperson (Very talented. Very pretty and enthusiastic. She’s effervescent), Ramiele Malubay (Beautiful and a powerful voice), Carly Smithson (She was one of my early favs. I didn’t like her song last night, but she was good, in spite of being sick. I think she’ll be better in coming weeks), Amanda Overmyer (A rockin’ edgy gal. She’s got a powerful voice and a unique style all her own), Alaina Whitaker (Sweet and cute with a great voice).

Tonight we’ll find out who will go on and who gets left behind. Two men and two ladies will be booted bringing the number to 20 total. Should be interesting.

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