And the winner is …

I’m a day late and several dollars short this week. Too many balls in the air. But I did take time to watch the Oscars. It is my one night of the year that I claim, like my husband claims the Super Bowl. So I’m there in front of the tv starting with the Barbara Walters’ special. And my daughter loved seeing Miley Cyrus! When Vanessa Williams was telling about racism she experienced as a kid, my daughter (age 8) said, “She just looks like she has a tan.” Anyhoo, so Oscar night, I don’t cook or tuck kids in bed or any of my usual. But I have to say that the show was kinda drab this year. Jon Stewart wasn’t really funny. The only movie I’d seen up for best picture was Juno. I didn’t think it had a prayer but I’m an eternal optimist. I would have loved to see it win. But instead some gory film won. Ugh. Who cares? Can’t see that last year’s winner, The Departed, or this one’s, No Country for Old Men, really ranks up there with Schindler’s List or Casablanca or even Gone with the Wind.

Okay, now for the important part … what about the dresses? First, my daughter loved Miley’s dress. So many dresses were really beautiful. Did you notice how much red was used? My favorite color! The only clunker in the bunch that I saw was Daniel Day Lewis’ significant other. What was up with the red bows? And that big clunky thing in the middle?

Okay, so were you cheering for a specific movie? Or were you checking out the attire? Or did you snooze through the whole thing?

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