American Idol — the men

Well, it began last night! Did anyone watch? I only got to watch half of the show as I was at basketball practice with my daughter. Simon was in top form though, but I actually think he was right on. They kept making fun of him saying, “you have to be relevant.” I understood. These kids were not reaching the kids their age, they were just singing old songs. Nothing new. The one thing I did disagree with Simon on was Danny Noriega singing Elvis. I thought he did a good job. I thought it was brave to attempt Elvis. But he didn’t try to be Elvis. He was just himself. Often he comes across as being a bit too full of himself though. Here are my top three of the night: Michael Johns (awesome!), David Archuleta (too cute, and oh so talented!), and Jason Castro (a good ol’ Texas boy). Those are my favs. Which ones are yours?

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