Off to the races…

The kids go back to school today. They had 3 weeks off. Now back to the daily grind. My prayer is that they can stay healthy, learn lots and also have some fun! Their school is very intense so that fun factor is needed. My son was sick all last semester with cold after cold. Since this is his first time in a school setting, he’s exposed to more germs than what his system is used to. We battled asthma and another sinus infection over Christmas. I sure would like to see him stay well for a while.

My editor sent me samples of my next book cover yesterday. But I couldn’t open the file! I’m dying! And I’m going to be away from my computer ALL day. So I’ll have to wait till this evening to see if he’s able to send me it in a different form. Can’t wait to see the concept. I’m sure whatever it is, there will be changes, just little tinkering over the next few months until the book goes to press.

Hope all of you have a blessed day! On your mark, get set…. Go!

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