Cheryl Wyatt

Cheryl Wyatt’s closest friends would never dream the mayhem she plots during announcements at church. An RN-turned-SAHM, joyful chaos rules her home and she delights in the stealth moments God gives her to write. She stays active in her church and in her laundry room. She’s convinced that having been born on a Naval base on Valentine’s Day destined her to write military romance.
Prior to publication, Cheryl took courses through Christian Writers Guild. An active member of RWA, FHL and ACFW, she won numerous awards with multiple manuscripts. Visit her on the Web at Sign up for her newsletter for news and chances to enter contests with great prizes. Hang with her on the web at You can also find her skittering around Steeple Hill’s message boards as “Squirl” at

“My name’s Bradley. I’m eight and have cancer. I want to meet a Special Forces soldier more than anything. Well, almost anything. Having a family would be nice.”
U.S. Air Force pararescue jumper Joel Montgomery promised to make a sick child’s wish come true. Well, not the family part—not with Joel’s past. And so despite vowing never to set foot back in Refuge, Illinois, Joel parachuted onto the boy’s school lawn to a huge smile. But another smile unexpectedly stole Joel’s heart: that of Bradley’s beautiful teacher, Amber Stanton, who was trying to adopt the boy. And trying to show Joel it was time for new vows.

“Cheryl Wyatt infuses A Soldier’s Promise (4.5) with kindness, compassion and love. Plus, each character in this strong story is multilayered. When young Bradley, a boy dying of cancer, writes to the Air Force Pararescue team, he gets to meet jumper Joel Montgomery, who connects with Bradley and feels an instant and shared attraction to the boy’s teacher, Amber Stanton. This absolutely fantastic debut novel proves that while challenges and boundaries are not always easily resolved, they’re definitely worth the work.”

—Robin Taylor-Romantic Times Reviewer

3 thoughts on “Cheryl Wyatt

  1. Pamela J

    When I received my copy of this book, I had no idea what I was getting into. Now I can share with others about the free flowing story that brings tears to the eyes at times, bubble over laughter other times, and a feeling of ‘can’t turn the page fast enough to see what is going to happen next’ throughout the book. I find myself cheering on all three main characters as they work their way to the end of the book and the conclusion God wants for their lives.

  2. Cheryl Wyatt

    Thank you, Pamela J!!! I treasure your kind words about my book!

    I had the pleasure of meeting Leanna in the prayer room at the ACFW conference. During that time we talked about our upcoming books, and how there is so much pressure to market and promo. We prayed about the need for that and asked God for guidance on what we could do to assist our publisher in getting the word out about our books. We also asked God to show us exactly how much time and money we were to spend on promo/marketing. We concluded by asking God to help us market our books. For Him to draw people to them once they hit the shelves.

    My debut novel released in stores less than two weeks ago, and already, I’ve received letters from readers who say they felt “inexplicably drawn” to the book.

    When those letters came, I remembered my special prayer time with Leanna, in which I felt blessed to have seen her heart. I knew God was answering our prayers because if He was drawing people to my book, then He’s faithful to draw people to hers, too. I am SO excited to read it by the way!

    I just wanted to take the opportunity during this arm of my blog tour to encourage authors and aspiring authors to approach marketing prayerfully and with wisdom and guidance. If you don’t already have a Web site or blog, I HIGHLY recommend you develop an online presense, even if you’re a few years away from publication. Start building your readership now. If you’re already multi-published and just now jumping on the Blogwagon…it’s never too late to start digital marketing. Best part? It’s fast and free!

    But don’t forget to ask the One who has ability to draw people to our books, for help. The best part is, if He’s capable of drawing people to buy our books, He’s capable of drawing people to Himself through our books..aka modern day parables.

    Leanna…thanks so much for having me! I’m still praying for your book to fly off those shelves and into people’s karts. LOL!

    HUGS!!!!! and I LOVE your Web site!!!



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