A Novel Day

Check out http://noveljourney.blogspot.com/ as I’m featured on their blog today.

Read any good books lately? I recently finished A Thousand Splendid Suns. It was very hard for me to get into. Seemed to move very slowly, then when it was picking up, it switched to a different character’s point of view. About half way through the book, it really took off for me. Like the Kite Runner, it’s not a ‘fun’ read but it is gripping and doesn’t let you go after you’ve finished. I am very glad I read it. It gave me new perspective on the women in Afghanistan and all they have gone through and are going through. I think I liked The Kite Runner better, but still I recommend this book.

I’m reading Good Grief by Lolly Winston right now. It’s very good so far. I recently read Happiness Sold Separately by the same author. The writing was top notch. It wasn’t my favorite story but it was well told. But so far Good Grief is even better.

What are you reading? What books have you loved?

2 thoughts on “A Novel Day

  1. Marybeth

    Le– I loved, loved, loved Good Grief… when I first found out you were writing a widow novel, that was the novel that I asked if you had read… Glad you are reading it now. I did not care for Happiness as much as Good Grief. I didn’t find the characters as likable. Would love to hear what you thought of Good Grief if you have finished it.

  2. Leanna

    I’m not quite half way through the book. I really like it so far, but haven’t been able to read in over a week, just swamped with work. Can’t wait to get back to it soon.


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